Tales Of A Mother - Introduction

Posted on August 31, 2017

During the last few months I have been suffering with extreme pregnancy sickness and illness. Unable to get into my studio to paint I have been itching to be creative but finding myself with no energy to get to work. Tales of a Mother has been my way out of that creative block.

"Tales of a Mother" is a  daily project recording my life and experiences of being a mother in quick 15 minute illustrations. My aim is to create work that is an honest reflection of my journey through motherhood, visually sharing the highlights, the funny bits, the mundane and the sadness. 

"Our Family Bed" 23/08/17

"I Love you So Much It Hurts" 24/08/17 
"A Weekend Away With the Kids" 25/08/17

If you wish to follow along with my Tales of a Mother project you can find me on Facebook and Instagram

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