Winter Rose

Posted on December 16, 2015

Since finishing an experimental small abstract painting a couple of weeks ago I have felt such a big urge to loosen up my painting style again. It felt so good to paint without a care for structured form and worry about the final image. There is defiantly something very therapeutic about just painting for the process and it is something that I want to focus on moving forward with in my practice.

This is my first attempt away from my sketchbook at a more free, semi-abstract painting that still incorporates the floral form I love to paint so much. I wish to loosen my style further but i am pleased with the direction I am moving in so far. What do you think?

Winter Rose 2016 Mixed Media on 300gsm HP Fabriano

5 1/4″ x 6″

Winter Rose by Jenna Michelle Pink. A vibrant semi-abstract mixed media painting of a beautiful pink rose. Bright colours, greens, yellows and blues. A large pink rose with a colorful blue patterned background

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