Blue Flowers In Light

Posted on January 04, 2016

Blue Flowers In Light - Jenna Michelle Pink Watercolour and media painting. Blue flowers set against a yellow and red wash with hexagon pattern.  

Blue Flowers in Light was inspired by a desire to get back to my abstract painting roots and to loosen up my style  whilst still maintaining some recognisable form and structure. Sunlight spills through the front room window of our new house bringing a smile to my face each morning, this too offered some inspiration for the light and airy tones  in this painting.

Blue flowers painte in watercolour with a yellow washed backgroundClose up of blue watercolour flowers with a re hexagon pattern and yellow background. Detail in pitt penClose up of detail on watercolour blue flowers in light. Pen and acrylic paint marks and linesThe corner of a watercolour painting. Initialed JMP

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