January Gratitude And February Goals

Posted on January 31, 2016

Continuing with my monthly  gratitude list today. A time to sit and reflect on the month gone by, be grateful and to focus on moving forward.

This month I have been grateful for:

My sweet Toddler Bear. His silly ways. His precious hugs.

Time to sit and paint. Automatic abstract painting.

My new buggy allowing me to travel around again without exhaustion, stress or anxiety.

Good laughs with my sisters over a belated birthday meal.

Lazy mornings.

Baby Fig's keen interest in food, her cheeky smiles, and shouty conversations.

Quiet walks through the woods and through the fields. Opportunities to practice my photography and breathe by myself.

Visits to the city, catching up with friends.

A friend sitting with me, making it possible for me to attend a difficult appointment.

Grocery deliveries. No dragging the shopping up that horrible hill!

January gratitude #2My goals for February are:

To keep unpacking, sorting and shaping our new home.

To continue slowing down our week. Focusing on the activities that really matter. Spending more time with the children and allowing myself time to paint.

To think and consider my own well-being practices.

lampsinsnowsmallThis month I have been loving:

These beautiful dream like paintings by Dimitra Milan.

These wire sketches by Gavin Worth.

This post from Capture By Lucy. A healthy reminder that the life people portray on social media is a carefully thought out snap shot. Highlights of the lives of others. Everybody has that mountain of washing and those unwashed pots and that is fine and normal.

Jan round up #1

What have you been grateful for this week? Do you have any goals for February?

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