Adventures In Sherwood Forest

Posted on December 15, 2015

Last week we took a break from packing and the stress of moving house to stay in a little lodge at the Sherwood Forest Center Parcs. The holiday was pretty inconveniently timed if I am honest - a week before relocating and we are sat in the woods trying to relax on holiday but we made the reservation back in April and it seemed a huge shame not to go.

I am glad we did. We had a lovely week. It was so nice to wake up in the forest each morning to watch the fog slowly disappear to reveal the beauty around us. Despite the area being filled with many other families our camp felt quite quiet and peaceful. Woodland creatures visited our lodge regularly which brought a smile to all of our faces. It feels good to have taken some time out of our every day life to be in nature and to breathe.

A peaceful woodland path at the Sherwood Forest Center Parcs
Pine Trees and Yellow Foliage at Center Parcs Sherwood Forest Woodland Foliage during a peaceful walk at Sherwood Forest Attractive brown seed heads set against a pretty stream Long seed heads on a foggy cold morning at sherwood forest centre parcs Vibrant red winter Holly at Sherwood Forest Center Parcs A peaceful woodland path at the Sherwood Forest Center Parcs Worms eye view of the sky at sherwood forest. Bare winter branches and green leaves. Center parcs 5 Center parcs 8 Golden leaves set against cold winter branches and a winter sky. Pretty pink berries - jmpblog DSCF1481 Eli and raindeer

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