A Woodland Walk

Posted on February 02, 2016

There is an alley at the end of my street that I walk past each day. It leads off in the opposite direction to our usual route so until this weekend I hadn't had the chance to follow it yet.

On Sunday I decided to see where it leads to and took my camera along with me. The alley turns into a path that continues on to an open expanse of grass and woodland in between my house and the town centre. The area seems popular with local dog walkers and families.

A bush of small purple flowers set along a street pathA woodland walk. Photograph taken at Belper Parks. A stone wall covered in moss amoungst brown bracken and trees.A bunch of green holly set against the woodland floor - Belper ParksA close up photo of a tree branchwalk 24th jan #9 smallSmall orange leaves on spindly twigs in a woodland setting with green leaves and a brown background24th Jan #1 small

I still had my camera in my hand as I arrived at my front door so I snapped a few shots of the flowers in my front garden before going inside to get warm.

The front garden is quite a small space. It currently consists of a small lawn, some unknown bushes, a few rose bushes and a selection of plants that I need to identify. I am hoping that the focus of our large back garden is going to be a productive vegetable garden and children's play space so I am planning on using this smaller space to plant flowers, attract bees and butterflies and generally be quite pretty. I am so excited about finally having some outside space of our own to grow and nurture plants in.

walk 24th jan #3 smallerwalk 24th jan #10 small

walk 24th jan #11 smallwalk 24th jan #12 smallwalk 24th jan #13 small

Do you have big plans for your garden this year?
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