Posted on July 13, 2016

Gentle and soft, yet brilliantly vibrant, the felted works of artist Jennifer Budd capture rural landscapes in all their atmospheric glory.

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Described by many as "felt paintings," Jennifer's Woolscapes are inspired by the rolling hills of her home country Scotland alongside those of Canada, her adopted homeland. In Jennifer's art, lush green hills meet vibrant rolling skies. Quaint cottages are settled between pretty wild flowers. Woolen sheep dance along the foreground. Jennifer's Woolscapes are to me, both beautiful and inspiring.

Each landscape is lovingly handcrafted with natural fibres such as felt, embroidery thread and wool rovings. Organic materials that beautifully reflect the artists natural subject matter.


Creating a "felt painting" takes patience, time and commitment. Jennifer starts each composition with a selection of loose rovings of merino wool. Using photographs of her subject matter as a point of reference, Jennifer carefully needle felts the coloured rovings onto a woolen white background gradually building the landscape up in layers. This initial layer building is the felting equivalent of making a base colour wash in a watercolour painting, a medium also close to the artists heart.

When ready the work is covered and then saturated with hot water. Each piece is rubbed with ivory soap, manipulated with a bamboo mat and rinsed in cold water before being hung to dry.


Once the work is felted and dry Jennifer carefully works back into her art adding a selection of loose fibers and embroidery to create finer detail. This process, from start to finish, is time consuming. Each piece transforms gradually over time. There is no real way of knowing how a piece will look until it is completed. This felting process in itself could be seen as symbolic of the natural growth and change that takes place in the landscapes that it captures.


Jennifer's woolscape landscape's are held in private collections in the UK, Canada and Australia. Jennifer's work can be viewed by appointment at her home studio in Paris, Ontario.

To see more of Jennifer's Woolscapes please visit her Facebook page or website.


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