Maria Pace-Wynters

Posted on October 13, 2016

Alive with dancing pattern, the colourful mixed media paintings of Canadian artist Maria Pace-Wynters are a celebration of the care-free nature of childhood.

Colourful painting of a girl with long red hair surrounded by beautiful flowers against a blue background - Painting by Maria Pace-Wynters

The art of Maria Pace-Wynters is theatrical in style. Created in mixed media Maria's paintings are filled with intricate pattern and interesting textures. Maria's art depicts fairy tale, dream like scenes with a Japanese influence. Her paintings tell the visual stories of the lives of pretty maidens, extravagant performers and joyous children. The female figure takes centre stage in her work surrounded by botanical forms and and splashes of bright and vibrant colour.

Alongside the Japanese and impressionist influences Maria's work is inspired by her children. Children create art for the process, not for the final outcome. They make marks because it is enjoyable to them free from self-imposed pressures. Children do not dwell on the outcome of their creative efforts. They paint and move on. It is an appreciation of this childlike freedom that keeps Maria's work fresh and her style loose and experimental. As an artist she aims to embrace her creative process making marks simply for the love of creating.

I am in love with Maria's use of layered pattern and line. The freedom in her work is inspiring. Her art appeals to me as a mother, I can imagine my own children dancing and playing in her colourful fantasy scenes. Their happy, laughing faces filled with childhood excitement. Maria's work acts as a reminder to its viewers to paint for the process first and the outcome only as a second - a reminder to experience and appreciate the world as would a child.

You can see more of Maria's work on her Facebook page or Website. Originals and prints are available to buy through her Etsy shop.

Mixed Media Painting of a girl with long red hair in a red spotty dressing gown surrounded by beautiful red flowers. The girl has a white flower in her hair. Painting by Maria Pace-Wynters
Maria Pace-Wynters. Painting of a pale pretty maiden with flowing red hair holding a yellow bird on her finger.A work in progress painting by Maria Pace=Wynters. A young girl looks towards the left wearing an intricate Japanese outfit set against a gold background.

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