Julie Alice Chappell

Posted on July 13, 2016

The miniature creations of UK based artist Julie Alice Chappell are environmentally minded, beautifully intricate and delightfully whimsical.

Julie Alice Chappell -computer bugs -jmp blog

Created from the circuitry boards and components of discarded obsolete electronics, Julie's bugs are visually interesting.  The patterns and structures of the complex circuitry are reminiscent of the intricate patterns found in nature. Repeating lines are similar to veins on a leaf. Circular patterns remind the viewer of the spots found on the back of a ladybird or the stripes on a beetle. The bold and vibrant metallic colours of the components used brilliantly portray the shimmering, iridescent nature of insect wing, skin and shell.

Julie Alice Chappel - Bugs -JMP Blog

Carefully hand sculptured, Julie's bugs celebrate both the aesthetic beauty of nature alongside the skill of digital technology whilst highlighting the ever increasing need for environmental awareness.

The work of Julie Alice Chappell reclaims discarded and damaging e-waste and turns it into a visually intriguing piece of artwork made to keep and to cherish forever. Julie's use of recycled materials encourages an important discussion regarding the environmental impact of modern life and how that impact can be reduced. These brilliant bug sculptures leave the viewer with an important message. We must, as a society, become increasingly conscious about our planet and the environmental impact we have as product consumers.

Julie Alice Chappell dragon fly -jmp blog

You can find further information about the work of artist Julie Alice Chappell and purchase these beautiful bugs by visiting her Facebook page or Etsy store.

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