Flora Forager

Posted on September 13, 2016

Recently I have developed a bit of an instagram obsession. I am loving the quick blast of visual inspiration it offers me as I sit and nurse Baby Fig. A few weeks ago I stumbled across Flora Forager's beautiful flower petal art feed and I just can't get enough of it.

Butterfly and Kites

Flora Forager is the project of artist Bridget Beth Collins created to celebrate her love of the natural world. Bridget's designs are lovingly crafted out of flower heads, petals and leaves she hand picks from the meadows, woodland and streets of her home neighborhood. With her foraged items Bridget carefully composes whimsical scenes, animals and birds for photographing.

Bridget's art is vibrant and full of life. Each image seems so delicate - like you could just let out a breath and blow the piece away. I feel inspired by Bridget's creative vision. Her use of natural matter is both interesting and beautiful. In a way Flora Forager is about making art with natures art.

FireBird and HummingBird Flora.Forager - JMP Blog

You can see more of Flora Forager's petal creations by visiting her Instagram feed. Many of her designs are available as photographic prints. You can purchase all available prints through her website.

Flora Forager White hummingbird
Chamomile tea and flamingo flock

What do you think about the flower petal art of Flora Forager? Do you love it as much as I do? Who are you loving on instagram right now?

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