Honey Bee

Posted on July 13, 2016

Honey Bee's handmade designs are both creatively interesting and visually eye catching. Retro by nature her work sits happily in the perfect middle ground between modern style and vintage fashions.

Handmade 60's style earrings by honeybee

Formally "bees make honey," Honey Bee's business was created from her love for vintage fabrics, in particular those from the 1960's and 1970's. A child of the 70's Honey Bee remembers fondly the bright and almost clashing style of the era and its bold colours and vibrant patterns.

Handmade denim purse by honeybee

Recycled vintage and retro fabrics are used throughout Honey Bee's product range which includes bags, purses, pinny aprons, hair accessories and more.

As a maker she is passionate about recycling and tries to leave as little waste as possible in the creation of her designs. Her practice has a very, "waste not want not" feel to it. Old jeans are given a new lease of life as a beautiful shoulder bag. Old curtains turn up again as a pretty hair flower, a process that not only leaves all her items unique and one of a kind but leaves each item with its own history.

Handmade denim bag by honeybeeI like the bold colours and intense patterns in Honey Bee's products. My personal favorites have to be the floral hair clips with the recycled button centres and her selection of money purses, both cute little accompaniments to brighten up any outfit.

In a time when reducing waste and lessening consumerist impact on the environment should be increasingly at the forefront of our minds Honey Bee offers an exciting alternative to mass produced, throw away accessories.

retro style pinny by honeybee

Honey Bee sells her designs online through her website and in person at local craft and handmade markets. She has successfully ran a series of her own craft and vintage events and hopes to run "craft therapy" workshops in the future. She is currently available for commissioned and custom pieces.

Mr men handmade bags by Honey Bee

If you would like to see more of Honey Bee's reclaimed designs please visit her website or facebook page. The Bee can also be found on twitter.

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