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Posted on July 13, 2016

Visually energetic and beautifully ornate, Happy Clay's ceramic creations make a distinctive and conversation worthy addition to any household dinnerware collection.


Happy Clay is the handmade ceramics business of artisan Niki Buckley Crosby.  Niki lovingly creates her work in her studio in Richmand Virgina, Usa.

All Happy Clay pieces are handcrafted in non-toxic American made materials and undergo an intensive 11 step process before completion. Each object is initially cast in a hand-formed mold and then carefully carved, sculpted, sanded and imprinted with love, care and passion creating individual works of art in their own right. Each piece of Happy clay is finished with hints of hand-flourished 24 carat gold giving the object a beautiful ornate finish.

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Happy Clay's work is inspired by Niki's global travels and her time living in New Orleans.

The cultural influences of nomadic eastern Europe and western Asia can not be over looked. The use of traditional, vintage and repetitive pattern creates interesting and appealing texture across the intricate surface of each bowl, platter or vase. These patterns are collected from 500 year old Japanese Katagami stencils and Eastan European ancient wooden textile blocks.

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Happy Clay's ceramics feel energetic and celebratory. Visually the pieces have a lovely balance between vibrant, full of life colours and the earthy nature of the clay used to sculpt the work. The designs are delicate and ornamental yet bright and bold. With its cheerful colours and traditional pattern Happy Clay explores an electric mix of life, celebration, transformation, tragedy and survival in ceramic form.

My personal favorite Happy Clay range is The Lotus Garden collection due to its beautiful floral patterns and organic tones. To me Happy Clay is aptly named. The works feel ideal for a summer wedding or garden party.

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You can buy Happy Clay ceramics through the Happy Clay website or etsy page and shipping is available worldwide. Each design range includes a selection of bowels, vases, tumblers and platters all of which are dishwasher safe. Happy Clay's ceramics are both pretty and low maintenance. Scented tumbler candles are also available as are custom ordered pieces on request.


To learn more about Happy Clay and her beautiful ceramic creations please visit the Happy Clay website. Happy clay can also be found on Facebook.

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