Jenn Wilson

Posted on July 13, 2016

Jenn Wilson's happy and colourful illustrations take the viewer to fantasy worlds and dream like landscapes full of intricate patterns, rolling curves and floral shapes.

Flint Hills Sunrise Ink and Prismacolor pencil - Jenn Wilson 

Curves and elongated swirls feature strongly in Jenn's work. Floral shapes transform into whirling lines. Her illustrations are fluid. The forms in the artwork feel like they are rippling and constantly changing, something that I feel is reminiscent of the wind or perhaps capillary wave's in water.

Hawaiin Flowers,Ink and Prismacolor pencil - Jenn Wilson 

Jenn creates her art in a variety of mediums including ink, coloured pencils, oils and acrylics. Much of her art is created in a combination of ink and prismacolor pencil, materials that compliment each other well. Bold black ink lines build up the composition in each piece serving to add contrast, define shape and increase the intensity of the colour pencil shading in between.

Jenn works predominately with bright, happy and vibrant colours, colours she feels expresses her feelings and personality.

The Lost Path Ink and Prismacolor pencil - Jenn Wilson 

Jenn's illustrations are heavily inspired by the rolling wheat fields of her home state, Kansas. To Jenn the world is one giant canvas, a piece of art in its own right and one which she feels compelled to record her own colourful interpretations of.

The artists connection with nature is clear in her work. Her illustrations feel organic and plant like. Oval shapes form petals in the sky, rippling curves look like contours of a tree, lines in the hillside become the veins in a leaf. The elongated curves and delicate floral pattern in many of Jenn's illustrations give her work an almost contemporary art nouveau feel.

The River, Ink and Prismacolor pencil - Jenn Wilson

I adore the vibrancy of Jenn's work. The simplicity of her art appeals to me, each illustration has the perfect balance between simple shape and intricate pattern. Jenn's work reminds me to consider the connection and similarities between both the widest landscape, the tallest mountain and the smallest seed or shoot. Everything in the world we live in is so intrinsically connected.

Jenn sells both the original copies and prints of her work alongside greeting cards and printed throw cushions.

Springtime HappinessInk and Prismacolor pencil - Jenn Wilson 

If you wish to see more artwork by Jenn Wilson please visit her website, facebook page or fine art america profile.

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