Emily Garcès

Posted on July 13, 2016

Filled with bright, vibrant colour and beautifully simplified pattern, the paintings of Emily Garcès transport you to an enchanted world of rolling landscapes, quaint cottages and whimsical animals.

Bluebell path, acrylic on deep edged canvas Emily Garces 

Most of Emily's art portrays countryside landscapes, woodland scenes and native wildlife. Living with easy access to the peak district provides Emily with regular inspiration for her paintings. She draws further inspiration for her work from the memories she holds of the time she spent living in South America. The influences of these two cultures work in harmony with each other. The art of Emily Garcès seems both britishly quaint and vibrantly South American.

Despite having studied art previously Emily feels she is primarily a self taught artist. Her works are created in acrylic paint and occasionally mixed media often on stretched canvas, a medium that compliments her bold designs.

Emily Garcès country lane-jmpblog

Emily's paintings show the natural world in all its full, bright and colourful glory. Her art does not depict her subjects realistically, instead her paintings are semi-abstract and impressionist. Shapes are simplified and colours and tones are exaggerated creating blocks of vibrant pattern.

As an artist Emily allows her emotional response to the world to influence her art as she creates it. Her feelings at the time of painting are just as important to the narrative of her work as is the physical subject matter. It is clear from viewing her paintings that Emily feels at home in nature. Her work feels joyous and happy, a breath of fresh air in a society that is sadly so often focused on the dark or the depressing aspects of life.

Emily Garces-Stream-JMP Blog

I love the bold,  simplified forms in Emily's work. The juxtaposition of simple shape and repetitive pattern is something that in my opinion really adds depth to the paintings and makes the art pleasurable to the eye.

I can relate to Emily's experience of colour. I often see a rich variety of shades as I go about my day. Small amounts of opposing colours in an object stand out to me. I try to incorporate this experience of colour into my own artistic practice and this is perhaps why I find myself drawn to Emily's work. Her paintings accurately portray how I emotionally understand the world.

Fox with spanish moon moth, acylic on thick edged canvas 

Emily's original paintings are available to purchase through her website or by contacting her directly. Prints of her artwork are available in a variety of sizes through the American art website Society 6. As an artist, Emily holds a strong belief that good art should be accessible and affordable to all. She offers a flexible commissions service that is accessible by contacting her. If you wish to view Emily's work in person she allows viewings at her home studio near Chesterfield, England by appointment.

The Sale Cellar acrylic on canvas 

To see more of Emily's work please visit her website or facebook page.

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