Posted on July 13, 2016

Inspired by her bond with dogs, birds and her connection with nature Crowdog creates intricate and beautiful stippling illustrations that are both whimsical and endearing.

Blue by Crowdog

The influence of the late 19th century in Crowdog's work is indisputable. Her style is very art nouveau. Female figures, sight hounds and birds take centre stage surrounded by ornate floral patterns, elongated curves and whiplash lines, signature elements of the Victorian style.

Crowdog's illustrations are created in watercolours, stippling, graphite pencil and sometimes oils. Traditional mediums that reflect the 19th century influences and add depth to the narrative of the artwork.

"one" by Crowdog  

The colours in Crowdog's illustrations are muted in nature. Blues, greens, greys and mustard yellows are frequently used. The stippling effect creates a grainy texture on the page, a texture that adds to the vintage feel of the work.

"Who io you?" by crowdog 

The artists love towards the animals and in particular the hounds she paints is clear. Crowdog's art really encourages the viewer to reflect on history and the emotional connection that lies between animal, human and the natural world in which we share. It acts as a reminder that the path of all living things are undeniably entwined.

I am drawn to the artists attention to detail and the intricate patterns in each illustration. Crowdog's art is nostalgic for years gone by, something that is both interesting and appealing to me.

]Crowdog Sweetpea '

Committed to helping small animal rescue centres, Crowdog donates a percentage of all her print sales to select animals charities. She is passionate about the environment in which we live and aims to create art that is environmentally conscious, sourcing all her materials in the UK. Alongside her art prints she sells a selection of gifts and is available for commissioned work.

Crowdog Wisteria  

To see more of Crowdog's work please visit her Facebook page or Etsy shop.

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