Faye Baines

Posted on November 13, 2016

The beautiful illustrations of Nottingham artist Faye Baines consist of delicate floral structures repeated to create wonderful botanical patterns.

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As an artist Faye is inspired by her love of shape, pattern and colour - particularly those found in plants and flowers. Her watercolours offer a contemporary spin on the floral works of artists such as William Morris. The combination of floral form and repetitive pattern form an interesting merge between the delicate designs of the art and craft movement and bold sixties textiles.

Shape is represented simply in Faye's art. Each petal, leaf or seed head is reduced to its basic form. Flowers are created from a series of circles, ovals and lines. It is this simplicity that makes Faye's patterns so effective. Her flowers are minimal yet her patterns intricate and busy - opposites that compliment each other perfectly . Every painting is filled with splashes of colour: lavender blues, burnt oranges, poppy reds. Seasonal colour palettes that are vibrant, complimentary and organic.

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Faye works primarily in watercolour, ink and acrylic. Alongside her paintings she sells a selection of gifts including handmade greeting cards, mugs, coasters and cushion covers.

Please visit Faye's website or Facebook page to see more of her lovely artwork.

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Faye Baines

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