Este MacLeod

Posted on September 13, 2016

Filled with textured pattern, Este MacLeod's colourist paintings depict everyday scenes inspired by the beauty that is life itself.


Influenced by her experiences as a studio ceramicist and from her training in textile design, Este MacLeod paints abstracted landscapes and contemporary still life enriched with colour and pattern. Vintage vases filled with colourful flora sit with apples and pears on desks and tables reminiscent of the corners of many family homes. In many ways Este's paintings are a celebration of simplicity - the sentimental beauty of life as a process.

I love Este's use of bold shape, distorted perspective and her dulled complimenting colour palette. Her work, painted predominantly in acrylics, feels almost like a collage - rough shapes cut from patterned textiles pieced together to create intricate and interesting compositions and designs. Her artistic approach to perspective really holds my interest. Her paintings feel almost flattened against the canvas, a style that makes Este's art stand out as her own.

Celadon Vase and vermillion flowers Et

In many ways I can relate to Este's artistic process. Working on several paintings at once, Este carefully builds up textured layers on top of an initial black background with both thoughtful and spontaneous marks. Her paintings evolve over time, starting as abstract expressions of colourful and emerging into recognisable scenes. A process that is both engaging and inspiring.

Este's designs have been featured on products by several top retailers and her work is exhibited in many galleries in the UK and abroad. You can see more of her work by visiting her website and she can also be found on instagramtwitter and facebook..

Sardinian summer 40x40cm etse Macleod- jmpblog
green Tops

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