Anita Inverarity

Posted on September 04, 2016

Fairy tale maidens meet with woodland folk creatues surrounded by detailed floral pattern in the whimsical, illustrative world of Anita Inverarity

Chapel Perilous illustration

Anita's work is influenced by wildlife and the natural world in which she lives. Each of her highly detailed illustrations tell a beautiful narrative frequently inspired by folklore and fable. Animals and female figures take centre stage nestled inside an intricate landscape of floral forms. Her colour palette is filled with dulled and typically vintage shades. The Victorian influence to the work is clear, Anita's art is reminiscent of art nouveau design but with a contemporary feel offering a fresh perspective on the olden style.

Anita works mostly in pen and inks on illustration board. Each artwork is busy with meticulously detailed lines and pattern. No corner is left unconsidered. It is this attention to detail that I find particularly inspirational about Anita's work.

Kingfisher illustration

Anita's illustrations are regularly showcased in galleries across Scotland and she has exhibited her work internationally. She is contributing member of the Bad Apple Artists Collective.

If you would like to see more art by Anita Inverarity you can find her online on Facebook, Twitter and Redbubble. Original works can be purchased through her Etsy shop.

Whimsical lady illustration hummingbird illustration own and lady whimsical illustration by Anita InverarityIf you like these Victorian inspired illustrations you may also like the work of artist Crowdog.

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